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If so, you will understand the value of having access to over 100,000 categorized essays in over 190 different subjects with over 25,000 independent reviews.So get inspired, use others’ research and bibliographies. Go ahead – give our search engine a spin, browse the subject list or learn more about the site.Together, they cited information from 17 references.

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Make sure you put the essay into some sort of verification to make sure the essay isn’t plagiarized. Soul Searching – Look around the room like you are checking the time, and use clues around the room to help with the answers. Split the Load – This is to be used with the buddy system. A-Choo, B-Choo, C-Choo – Have a friend do fake sneezes with the answers in the sneeze, think “Ca-Choo” for the answer “C”. Gum Wrapper Method – Write the answers on the inside of a gum wrapper. Dress Up – Dress up for the test with a Tie and use the back of it to scribble down answers on. Calculator App – Use a fake calculator app, and when you’re taking the test, bring up the notes. Bookmark – Write the answers on a bookmark that you have tucked away in a text book, replace when done. Belt Buckle – You will not believe this is true, but there are calculator belt buckles.Let’s just hope that they don’t get caught and turn this into a college edition of “Saving Private Ryan”. Smart Watch – Have your answers written in notes on your phone, and bring them up on your smart watch. Once it goes back down to size, you won’t be able to see the answers and you can expand it when needed. Study While you Sleep – Play the lectures on repeat while you sleep, when you wake up you will remember the lecture and will be able to ace the test. Tiny Booklet – Print tiny text on paper and print it out. Use black light ink on your cheat sheet, and have a mini black light to decode the secret cheats. Wiki CHEATia – Similar to the Google method, but look in Wikipedia. Space Hack – If you need to type a 4 page paper, but came up short. Actually, putting together a cheat sheet is one sure way to study. There is a lot of useful information on these entries. See Through Pen Method – Print a 7 font cheat sheet and put it on the inside of a see through pen. Calculator Case – This one worked out well in the old days. Insta Cheat – Take a picture of the textbook, and either go to the bathroom, or peek at your phone for the needed info. Invisible Ink If there is assigned seating, this one is sure to work. Dictionary Cheat – Use an electric dictionary to save your answers, it can easily be mistaken by a teacher for a calculator. Spy Glasses – If you weren’t a spy already from the previous tips, this cheat will definitely do the honors. Instant Message – Go on Facebook or an instant message app and reach out to anyone who can help. Change the spaces between the letters, increase the font of periods, or increase the margins. A common rationalization that many students use is, “ That’s the only way I’ll get anywhere in life.” Many students also tend to incorporate reasons, such as parental They can leave their valuables and belongings out and not worry as much about theft and dishonesty.By reinforcing academic integrity, many students tend to weave personal integrity into their daily actions. Many professors have offered all sorts of punishments ranging from receiving a zero on an assignment/test to possible expulsion.We have all had that moment where you show up on a test day way under prepared, and there is no worse feeling than knowing you are about to bomb it.Maybe it was a night out for a friend’s birthday that you just couldn’t miss, a date night with your significant other, or maybe you just didn’t feel like studying.And don’t lose too much sleep at night, a 2010 Rutgers University study found that 64% of college students cheat, so you aren’t alone. Cheat Sheet – Keep it old school and jot down some notes on an index card, or on the back of your calculator. Have a friend, who has access to the Internet, or your class notes, and have them text you the answers to any questions that you have.Have some sort of shorthand prepared so you can be quick to get the messages out so you can remain uncaught. Temporary Tattoo – Give yourself some ink and write the notes on your hand, or inside forearm. You can go online (there are many services available) and search for a company that has essay writers for hire.Ever looked over the shoulder of a Straight-A-Student?Or overcome Writer’s Block just by glancing at the structure of a term paper or case study?


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