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Buck lives in Judges Millers estate at the beginning of both the book and the movie. They are amateur sled runners and don’t quite know what they are doing. Buck continues to try to attack until he is to week to fight. The team is then taken over by Hal, Charles, and Mercedes.On the way a dog (Dave) is shot by Hal because he can’t go on. The book stated that Buck had killed a Moose by wearing it out and then attacking it. In the book, Mad Dolly was a dog that raged and tried to kill Buck. The movie shows more dialect and perspective of john Thornton rather than Buck. The movies didn’t have much anything that was the same in the book.

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Before he died at the age of forty, London was the highest-​paid author in America.

During an active literary life of less than two decades, he produced roughly fifty works of fiction, journalism, and autobiography, as well as scores of short stories, among them such classics as “To Build a Fire” and “Love of Life” (which Vladimir Lenin had read aloud to him on his deathbed).

It should ultimately send readers back to the author’s books.

This is particularly needed in the case of London, who is still regularly dismissed as little more than an occasionally inspired hack.

In it, a socialist revolution is destroyed by the all-​powerful oligarchy, but the reader knows—​from footnotes—​that ultimately the people will triumph and establish the Brotherhood of Man.

(London’s image of the iron heel would inspire a famous phrase in George Orwell’s : “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—​forever.”) For most of his adult life, London was an active member of the Socialist Party.

Buck was never sold from Francois and Perrault to a Scotch half-breed man that was very hairy.

It did not tell the names of other dogs in the movie.

John and Buck found a cabin in the woods that had a gun in it that said E.

Any first-​rate literary biography, like Earle Labor’s authoritative new life of Jack London (1876–1916), should function as more than a data bank or factual resource.


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