Essay Bad Manners

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The house, namely, a tomb, is ready without rent or taxes.

No rain can pass through the roof, and there is no door, for there is no want of one, as there is nothing to lose.

Prefers the latter two things to mostly anything else, except maybe his Xbox. Now, if we are lost at a bus stop, we look down at our phones – we’d rather do that than ask someone in the street.

If you go to C's house for dinner, his parents struggle to get him out of the 'playroom' because he's glued to his gaming consoles. When they do come to the table, they sit quietly and don't really engage with the adults. I can't remember who taught me to shake someone's hand but I don't think there was a whole lesson on it. If we are waiting outside the train station for someone, we fiddle with our technology – at least, my generation does.

There is no substitute for good manners – even if Debretts now publish ‘Netiquette’.

Half the world, it is said, knows not how the other half live.

The word , which, like the word Christian, must hereafter characterize the present and the few preceding centuries, by the importance attached to it, is a homage to personal and incommunicable properties.

Frivolous and fantastic additions have got associated with the name, but the steady interest of mankind in it must be attributed to the valuable properties which it designates.

A dark cloud appears to be rushing onto the horizon of a society that doesn’t really believe in itself, and would rather look down at the floor than engage in small talk.

My generation, specifically those slightly younger than me, are what I call the peak Xboxers. He's 18 years old, from a pretty normal family, has a girlfriend and a car.


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