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The class mobility has led to members of the middle-class shift either to the class below or above with the middle constricting with time.

This sample was written for You by our professional writers’ team – Handmadewriting The concept of the American dream is by far the most explored topic in the American culture for well over a century now, possibly because it captures every American’s aspiration for wealth.

Tenets of this dream propose that anything is possible in the United States if you want it badly enough and this has been captured in every variation of the definition of the term.

However, there has been a major redefinition of the concept that has almost rendered the American Dream an exclusive ambition for the society’s most affluent.

It is no longer about having land, a car, and a house; it is now about having the most expensive things in life.

Despite that, even though for some it might be very hard to achieve, it should still be possible if one focuses enough on it. Social mobility is when one moves through the social hierarchy and their social status changes, be it in their job or social class. Structural mobility is when one changes their economic status and is able to move up or down is social class.

Included in this are also life chances, which is when one gets an opportunity to change their status.As such, a growing number of Americans, especially the younger population, now believe the American dream is unattainable.The class shift may be responsible for the current demographics showing an increasing decrease of the middle-class Americans who are key in furthering of the American Dream.Such is also captured in the declaration of independence by Jefferson where each American was entitled to pursue their happiness.A closer look at the dream and its omnipresence in the American culture, traceable even before the coining of the term, pass a very contemporary idea that many identify with.Part of the credit menace can be seen in the early 21st-century mortgage crisis that saw a significant number of Americans lose the very life they had worked hard to accomplish (Wyly, Moos, Hammel, & Kabahizi, 2009).Homes were lost, and the dream started becoming a mirage, especially for the younger generation who believed they could not surpass their parent’s achievements.It then becomes a national identity, enshrined in people’s daily living from the creation of the US, which was inspired by the idea of a New World during the time of the Revolution and legitimized through a constitution.John Winthrop, for instance, gave a speech in 1630, entitled City upon a Hill, detailing his vision of a society that accorded everyone a chance to prosper provided they worked in unity, following the teachings of the Bible (Deneen, 2012).However, the dream has continually evolved from just having a car, a home, youth to politics and economics as classes interacted, and people started writing about their new experiences of equality.Initially, people had made a rush to acquire land and set down roots on the expansive land that had been made available for homesteaders, rendering the dream individualistic and competitive.


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