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One of them once asked me why his parents could not live together and why the father instead lived with another lady.This is an indication that families tend to be so important to children and parents need to explain the nature of their family structures with more than just quick replies.

Even though my family fits the traditional nuclear structure, it is most certain that I have friends living in households that have different structures.

I have always had younger friends who question why their parents had to get divorced.

Coontz (41) argues that the nuclear family was the product of the post war era.

The emergence of the nuclear family was also best suited for the industrial society.

The small nature of the family made it easy for geographical and social mobility, therefore providing a haven for its members.

However, today the society is keen on a nuclear family based on heterosexual adults who are married and in turn become parents.This has led to other family structures becoming common.If one’s family is different from the one their parents grew up in, then their situation is certainly a common occurrence.Given the nature of the relationship, parents always studied child development and socialized with them to help them become successful adults.All in all, it is evident that the nuclear family of the ’50s was built around the necessity of a secure life.Furthermore, the nuclear family allows for separate gender roles to be performed by the respective family members.According to Coontz’s argument, all other arrangements may be considered to be deviant.Currently, a great percent of American families have single parents, through a divorce, widowed, or not married.Furthermore, some children are taken care of by foster families, step-families, and gay or lesbian families.The nuclear family has been considered by many to be the ‘ideal’ structure for American families.In the 1950s, Coontz (34) equates the family to a social group sharing a common residence and reproduction.


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