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Thus, to make it happen public awareness should be spread as to how people can come forward and contribute towards this cause.

It is a noble cause and everyone should step forward and be a part of this positive change. I am pleasantly surprised to see such a huge gathering of people today and also overwhelmed to receive humongous support of everyone present here to make this program a success by spreading greater awareness amongst the masses and making them aware of their social responsibility.

Ladies and Gentleman, organ donation, as we all know, is the process of donating an organ by an individual to someone who critically needs it.

Organs are indeed a life saving gift for those who need it the most and hence its scarcity is a serious cause of concern for us because at the time of its shortage, the patient can even lose his/her life.

Our society which is equipped with health care and medicinal centers can surely not turn a blind eye towards it or deprive a person of his/her most fundamental right, i.e. Organ Transplant is indeed one of the biggest achievements in the present times of modern Science.

But the fact of the mater remains the same that the availability of organ entirely depends on the generosity of the donor and his/her family.

Certainly, every person who is compassionate and can empathize with someone else’s pain would grab the opportunity to donate his/her parts after death and give the gift of life to those who need organs the most.

Ladies and Gentleman, if I share the facts with you, it says everyday about 120 patients are added to the ever-growing list of those waiting for the organ donors. nearly 50 of them are doomed to die because of the unavailability of organs in the hospitals.

However, as a responsible citizen of our country, it becomes our utmost duty to restore public faith in our doctors.

And this faith can only be restored by making available world class medical services and facilities at health care centers and hospitals while also ensuring that situation of crisis never occur again.

Potential donors should be given right medical attention till the time they die so that their organs can be used for others who need it and their lives can also be saved.


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