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Essay About Education And-17
The importance of education can also be seen from the fact that less educated people do smaller jobs and earn lesser salary.All great leaders of this world, scientists, doctors and engineers are educated people.

There are several reasons why people need education.Everyone speaks about education and its importance. These skills can be acquired by classroom training and during course of our life.Classroom education is generally deemed as formal education.Education helps us to know rules and regulations and makes us responsible citizens of our country.Everyone knows that education is very important for our life. Education is the basic requirement nowadays for everything that we wish to do.Education from schools and colleges is important because it helps us how to live in a civilized society and respect one another.It shows us how to obey laws of the society and laws of the land we dwell.Education is also important for us to defend ourselves and our country. They teach us how to speak our native tongue and identify things around us.Teachers and professors play a very important role in our life by teaching us various important and specialized subjects.Education actually means how we see and perceive things.Above that, education also means how we respond or react to situations.


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