Essay About Christmas Being My Favorite Holiday

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I grew up in a small town and my family wasn’t religious.

And I mean that in the not-religious sense, not the “Only go to church on Christmas and Easter” sense.

He’s an earnest, sensible Vermonter concerned about climate change and other things that are ruining the world.

This was back in the earlier days of cable television and the endless ruminating on what would actually be on those 500 channels we were promised.

As a child, I belonged to the Worldwide Church of God (which I just learned has changed its name to Grace Communion International…weird).

Essay About Christmas Being My Favorite Holiday

We were Christian, but we observed a lot of the Old Testament holidays, like Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. For doctrinal reasons, I was not permitted to celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or Valentine’s Day. Of course, I love seeing my family, and I love all the food. I think the spirit of gratitude is one of the most important and underrated values of modern society. No one ever went to church, or temple, or anywhere else to worship, ever.We had a town center with a town hall and a town common and a Congregationalist church.Last week was my favorite holiday of all the holidays.While I do enjoy my town’s goofy Fourth of July parade and I’ve always liked raising a glass with neighbors on New Year’s Eve, the real once-a-year day of reflection and celebration for me is Buy Nothing Day.I had to stay at school six whole day and night and at home only one day and night per week.I really missed my parents and felt lonely, so my dream was that I could stay home whole week.So, unlike most people, I don’t have many special childhood memories of Christmas or Halloween, which seem to be most Americans’ favorite holidays. I also love that it’s a distinctly North American holiday, and that it’s the perfect capstone for fall. No decorations, no costumes, no goofy mascots, no parties, no songs, no presents, no cards. I’m agnostic now, so the idea of giving thanks to God is less meaningful for me. Thanksgiving is like, “Man, just get your family together and make a bunch of food. But the act of appreciating what you have is as important as ever. He watched these over a period of about six months, two thousand hours of television.Then he spent 24 hours in the Adirondacks, just thinking about things, and compared the experiences and wrote about them.“What sets wilderness apart in the modern day is not that it’s dangerous (it’s almost certainly safer than any town or road) or that it’s solitary (you can, so they say, be alone in a crowded room) or full of exotic animals (there are more at the zoo). Learning about the pressure points is a good part of thinking about consumerism.


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