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The managerial skills learnt at work are applied at school and usually have positive results (Williamson 6). Working students usually have time to learn how to interact and relate with other people. At school there is little possibility of the fellow students changing their social interaction.At work, the people usually change work and the presence of new employees leads to the development of socials skills.They usually have real life experiences of the class work and are therefore most likely to understand various concepts better.

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In the school attendance, students who work to finance their education are sometime inconsistent in attending their classes.

These students usually undertake part-time jobs and in times when working hours collide with class time, the usually opt to miss the classes and go to work.

For the students who do not work while studying, they usually face many challenges when they go into the job market due to lack of sufficient exposure in the field in which they were studying.

Leadership is learnt through practice as well observation.

It usually equips the students with knowledge on how to handle various challenges in life either in work or in the social sphere.

Due to the value attached to it, governments in some countries usually offer it to the citizens free of charge or at subsidized prices.

Due to the necessity of having to undertake the class work, this usually makes them improve their attitude towards education.

This is mainly due to limited time to cater for the class work.

The effects might be positive or negative depending on the students.

In case the students get a well paying job, he might decide to work and put the education on hold.


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