Esl Problem Solving Activities

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It is perfect for conversation classes, bigger and smaller groups, levels intermediate and above.

etc.) and negotiating (agreeing/disagreeing/expressing your opinion/asking about your partner’s opinion).

Create a number of possible moral dilemmas your students might encounter in life, write them down, and place each item folded up in a bowl or bag.

Some of the items might include things like, “I saw a good friend of mine shoplifting. ” or “The cashier gave me an extra $1.50 in change after I bought candy at the store. ” Have each student draw an item from the bag one by one, read it aloud, then tell the class their answer on the spot as to how they would handle the situation.

Team building activities targeting focus areas like communication and collaboration, adaptability, or strengthening decision-making techniques help.

All problem solving processes start with identifying the problem.Here are five classroom problem solving activities your students are sure to benefit from as well as enjoy doing: Having your students create lists related to whatever you are currently studying can be a great way to help them to enrich their understanding of a topic while learning to problem-solve.For example, if you are studying a historical, current or fictional event that did not turn out favorably, have your students brainstorm ways that the protagonist or participants could have created a different, more positive outcome.To practice agreeing and disagreeing please see Problem Solving Part 2, School Problems, Moral Dilemmas, Workplace Dilemmas and Parental Decisions activities.I have used this activity both with adult and teenage students, levels intermediate – advanced.After this, the student must venture a guess after each clue pulled until they guess correctly.See how quickly the student is able to solve the riddle.The activities and lessons learned will leave an impression on each child, increasing the likelihood that they will take the lesson forward into their everyday lives.The aim of this speaking activity is to practice problem-solving in English and brainstorm solutions to five different problems.Problem solving skills are the most commonly lacking soft skill among recent college graduates, according to a 2016 report.A company or team’s success weighs heavily on the willingness of managers to help employees improve their problem solving abilities.


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