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Reactive power compensation is done for the voltage stability and regulation in these power systems.

We represents a model control circuit by using Analysis of Power Quality Problems in Solar Power Distribution Systemfree download ABSTRACT Photovoltaic systems have been increasingly used in the generation of electrical energy because of the cost of energy produced from fossil fuels is rising day to-day and there by photovoltaic energy becomes a promising alternative source for fossil fuels.

Power System Design for an Electric Carfree download ABSTRACT For many years now electrical engineering students at the US Naval Academy have been involved in renewal energy types of projects, including electric boats and cars, and have participated in various competitions across the US.

Energy prices, supply uncertainties, and environmental concerns are driving many countries to rethink their energy mix.

The Inter- Development of A Novel Control Scheme For Integration Of Wind Energy Generation System Into Existing Power System To Mitigate The Power Quality Issuesfree download ABSTRACT In this paper a new control strategy for integration of Wind energy into existing power system to improve power quality by using STATCOM is proposed. growth and social progress, it is necessary to meet the energy need by Analysis of smart grid with 132/33 KV sub-transmission line in rural power system of Bangladeshfree download ABSTRACT Smart Grid is a modern concept which refers to the conversion of the mainstream or typical electric power grid to a modern power grid.


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