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The finished container must meet the following criteria: No professional packing materials (such as bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts) may be used. If a parachute is attached to the container, it must be made from scratch using everyday materials.

(Parachutes that were previously attached to a toy, for example, are not allowed.) The container must land within a hula hoop placed on the ground directly below the point of release. Write an essay, 1-2 pages in length, describing how you incorporated principles of physics into the design of your egg container.

You must identify at least three different physics principles (or ideas) that influenced, and were reflected in, the design of your container.

You must also explain— very clearly and specifically—how the application of each of these principles helped prevent breakage of the egg or its dropping straight down into the designated landing zone.

Miraculously, the egg survives intact despite Big Bertha's demise, and Milo's group is given the top grade, though Diogee promptly consumes the lone surviving egg. Milo: (wakes up, sees that his room is completely intact) Well, that is peculiar!

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For a full transcript of "Sunny Side Up", click here. Murawski: You'll need to separate into teams of three.(everyone slumps under their desks, leaving only Milo, Melissa, and Zack)Ms. (cut to Milo waking up again, this time turning to see that a tree has crashed through his window)Milo: Yeah, that's more like it!Do you think you have what it takes to construct this gravity-defying wonder?Be careful: a sloppy parachute will result in a yolky mess!I beleive thers many ways fo doing this and have a few ideas already. A man walked up to Billie Joe Armstrong on the street and asked "What is punk?" Billie kicked over a trash can and said "Thats punk." the man kicked over another trash can and said "Thats punk?Left with only one apparent surviving egg, Melissa takes charge of it while Zack takes Big Bertha home to keep it safe for the night.Both dream of disasters but then they wake up to find that nothing is amiss, while Milo has a dream of waking up to find his room intact only to wake up and find that a tree has crashed through the window in the night, which is true to form." Billie replied "No, thats trendy."This is going to sound silly, but if you can use whatever materials you want, fill a hard case suitcase with rags and tissue paper and cottonballs and place the egg right in the middle. ok then, i think the most easiest way is to use gravity, as you said you need to withstand the braking of the egg...(you might just want to hold the experiment so that you produce a slope) So you might want to use a slope as your landing area,so the slope should be paper sticked with aluminium foil and tissue, this will make the material abit elastic.I beleive thers many ways fo doing this and have a few ideas already. Hi, My first time using these forums so ingnore mistakes.Here is an assignment which is due by the 16th of november. We have to make a "device" in which to hold an egg.


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