Educational Research Proposal Topics

Many studies in the past focused on using games, and many educational institutes, military settings, and corporate settings uses games and simulations as part of their training.However, some areas need greater research, such as how the rules of the game affect learning.

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Sometimes it is valuable to repeat an older study to see if the same results can be realized, particularly with changes in technology.

Often researchers benefit by changing the older study slightly, perhaps by using a different analysis technique.

Looking at the same topic from a different methodological angle can help illuminate different aspects of the topic.

The conclusions and analysis of one methodology can be validated by using the opposite methodology.

Research by Vancouver and colleagues have found that higher levels of self-efficacy not coupled with higher goals lead to reduced performance.

The theory holds that as self-efficacy increases without the individual striving to achieve more difficult goals, the person becomes over-confident and devotes less resources (such as time and effort) to achieving the goal, leading to poor performance.For example, a study from the early 90's examining the use of computers in education may have different results if repeated in 2011.Perhaps the participants of an older study were 8th grade students.Educational technology, also known as instructional design and technology, can cross into many different areas of education such as elementary, special, and educational psychology.You can gather research topics in educational technology from a wide variety of resources; the best is by reading existing research.This writing assignment is one which offers you the opportunity to expound upon an area of education and the list of thesis topics in education will make everything even more possible: It is incumbent upon you to select a topic which is narrow and well defined.You should avoid a topic that is not really related to the field, as it will be difficult for you to generate sufficient interest in your work if that is the case.Sometimes it can be beneficial to follow up a study with a study looking at similar variables but using a different methodology.For example, quantitative studies in educational technology using random samples and statistical analysis techniques could be followed by a qualitative study like a case study.It is difficult for research to keep up with the rapid advancement of technology.Educators, however, are always looking for ways to improve student learning in their classrooms, and new technologies often present intriguing tools to do so.


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