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It is important that you make your thesis specific enough for the task given.For instance, a specific thesis could be that statements about education law concerning the grading system should be reviewed since it has lots of flaws and questionable parts.

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A prompt is a question assigned by your teacher or decided by you.

It includes question or problem surrounding a certain field, and since you are the essayist you are assigned with answering that question or problem thru your thesis statement.

Your question might be why does it have to be disputable?

Isn't it good if everybody agrees with your thesis? Yes, it would be an easy thing for you if no one will object on your claim.

Make sure that there are enough studies to support your claim and to make a credible and strong argument.

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Let's say your thesis statement is strong enough and it can answer the questions and can be supported well, but how about if the scope is too wide to cover?A well-constructed thesis statement is composed of two sentences that are placed at the end of your essay's introduction.The statement should include the subject you will discuss in the thesis. A strong thesis regardless of your topic should be able to inform your readers as to what they can expect from it.Choose a topic that you find interesting and would engage and help people.This is the most important step in writing your essay and your thesis statement.Consider the same topic we used in the above questions.The failure can be resolved, but what if you need around 20 pages to explain your thesis about education and you are only allowed to make a five pages thesis?You can suggest a new system that is acceptable to many and is very specific to the assignment to make a stronger thesis.The good thing of having a specific education thesis is that you will provide only the information that your readers need and they can easily understand your stand and your essay.And no, because a thesis statement for education essay should be fresh, and created to invite others who are interested in the subject to engage in the discussion about your topic, triggered by your argument.The best way to approach your thesis statement is to look at the essay as a way to tackle your subject and not a final statement.


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