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Given a projection, the technology will not become obsolete for another 10 years ! Through this economic analysis, I am just providing a basic model, a basic framework of how businesses should be analyzed towards natural growth and what are the destroyers of wealth, that must be uprooted !

However, unless all of humanity can function with the same economic ideology :-Different set of ideologies is what kills !

If you apply pseudo theories of economics you will never get the right answer !

In this system, rich and the poor and the government authorities are alike, And nobody and I really mean when I say that, nobody in the world, is too privileged enough to sit and laze around and stop creating wealth in the never-ending pursuit of well-being and happiness of the integrated whole !

If I decide to stop visiting doctors, or prospecting clients to sell off my stock, I am only destroying my wealth.

But, I am also destroying the wealth of the dentists I have not sold to due to my inaction.In the case of a physical asset :-If I buy a car and don't use it and it rots over 10 years, it's a destruction of wealth - the opportunity cost of man hours used to build that car is permanently lost !Wealth is more than just paper money and bank digits !It's not just the marketing tool, it is just how the real world economy works (or should work).The doctor is happy for having the product, (of course unless he / she is happy, they will not buy the product as I offer a trial period).What we need is a universal way of life tilted towards growth and progress !Where people create wealth collectively, rather than as separate and distinct groups, organizations or entities !It's true - it all begins with a thought - Economic theories do not always work - Economics is not an exact science as human behavior (and talents) varies from person to person but the theory of wealth destruction holds good universally, I keep that stock lying around unutilised, unused and that has become solid unsaleable waste is just the wealth that I have destroyed from the system !If wealth is not utilized to create more wealth, then wealth is just being destroyed.The patient is happy as the doctor has upgraded, I am happy I sold the product, and the product if continued to be utilized in like manner, will continue to create wealth for these doctors and their patients !Now in this if you assume that if I not sell, then other companies will eat into my opportunity and create wealth for themselves, the doctors and their patients, also factor-in my uniqueness in marketing my wares, my technical expertise and mass selling capability.


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