Ecofeminism Essay

Dualisms such as reason/emotion, mind/body, culture/nature, heaven/Earth, and man/woman converge.

This implies that men have innate power over both women and nature.

First, for ecofeminists, evaluating oppressive power structures is the first step toward a new standard for a human/nature relationship.

They assert that powerlessness and inequality – perpetuated by a modern, male-dominated social structure – are the root causes of environmental degradation and the pressures it puts on humans, such as famine and a lack of access to clean water.

Once the seeds of ecofeminism were planted, they took root and started to flower into a movement.

Two important conceptual themes often discussed amongst ecofeminists include the recognition of the vital link between social dominance, oppression, and feminism, and the notion of human and nature interconnectedness.Pollution is on the rise, and people all over the world are suffering the consequences of projects constructed in the name of progress.Ecofeminism offers a way of thinking and organizing ourselves by encouraging interconnectedness with our environment and addressing the subjugation of women and marginalized peoples.But we see those efforts as bandages on a very unhealthy system.Feminists exposed to Marxist theories rejected the assertion of classical dominance theories – which posit that domination is based solely on class and money – and pointed out the inadequacies of such theories that ignore both nature and women.These were societies in which women were not subordinate to men and earth was not seen as an object for exploitation and domination.“The rediscovery of these traditions signals a way out of our alienation from one another and from nature.” Many women with careers in public policy, technology, science and environmental studies already had a connection to feminism; they were particularly interested in career-blocking issues and began to shift their focus toward ecofeminism, which gave their work new meaning.In separating nature from persons, humanity creates a concept of nature which is made up of dead, unintelligent matter. While ecofeminists have made many connections between women and nature, the three ties that most strongly bind them are empirical, the conceptual and epistemological.Empirical data supports the notion that women often bear the responsibility of feeding and caring for their children while maintaining a household.The Roots and Flowering of the Ecofeminist Movement Ecofeminism, “a new term for ancient wisdom,” developed out of various social movements: the feminist, peace and ecology movements in the late 1970s and early 1980s.According to many adherents to ecofeminist philosophy, French writer Francoise d’Eaubonne coined the term ecofeminism in 1974 to demonstrate the potential for women to make significant contributions to an ecological revolution.


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