Early Pregnancy Essays

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Recent declines in both birth and abortion rates indicate that teen pregnancy rates are continuing to fall.

Overall teen pregnancy rates have dropped 19 percent since 1991.

Most people who are put into foster homes do not come from parents of strong guidance, because indeed they lost their children.

An online report, “Fostering Hope: Preventing Teen Pregnancy among Foster Youth” examined how teenage pregnancy relates to foster care sates Love.

President George Bush and the HHS sent researchers to Detroit, Michigan for a study to be conducted.

Early Pregnancy Essays

They have found that the increase in teenage pregnancy has arisen out of social issues as well.The findings of the study was to provide additional evidence of the need for a more concerted effort by child welfare agencies to help youth in foster homes avoid becoming pregnant.It would suggest that allowing young people to remain in foster care beyond age 18 may be one way to reduce teenage pregnancy among this population.In the online article, “Teen Pregnancy on the Rise,” Sipokazi Maposa says that in developed countries, teenage pregnancies are associated with many social issues: lower educational levels, higher rates of poverty, and no strong parental guidance in the teenagers life.Maposa discusses the challenges which teens in Africa face as the teenage pregnancy rate increase.The child provides positive regard (love), affection, and fulfills the social loss.Therefore, the article shows the effects that lack of parental guidance, sex education, and mass media has on teenage pregnancy, and how it relates teenage pregnancy to foster homes.Consequently, most foster homes do have strong parental guidance, control over sex education, and negative mass media because there are so many restrictions as to what foster homes can and cannot perform by law.With this information, one would conclude that when someone is put into a foster home they turn out not to be pregnant at a one age.The reports shows that foster youth that have lost their parents and end up in a foster home are less prone to having teenage pregnancies.Therefore, the correlation breaks because even though youth do not have their biological parents they still have some type of parental guidance.


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