Dulce Et Decorum Est Introduction Essay

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(2) ESSAY TASK Each topic sentence must link back to the key words in the question.

Even though the third and fourth lines might seem to be positive, the ‘rest’ towards which they ‘trudge’ is ‘distant’.

Before the war in 1915 he was a private tutor in France, he liked teaching but after visiting some young men in hospital during the war he decided to go back to England and sign up.

After some traumatising experiences Owen injured in Somme and sent home, but returned to the war in August of 1918.

He dies walking back to his campsite, tired, miserable and bloodied from fighting for his country.

In his state of weariness he is hit with a gas bomb.

A candle gutters as it goes out for lack of air, just as the man dies for lack of oxygen.

As Owen moves away from the gas attack, addressing his anger to those at home, he employs direct and powerful verbs.

“Owen uses onomatopoeia to let the reader hear how much the soldiers are suffering when …” structure – exclamation mark, capital letters; and tone – irony in which Owen creates that effect – each of these poetic techniques will be the paragraph topics in the main body of your essay.

2 Brief summary maximum 50 words Struggling to make it to the rest camp The soldiers are tired and exhausted They are sick and suffering severely after fighting in the trenches They suffer a mustard gas attack 3 Main Body of Essay This consists of 5 SEAL paragraphs structured as follows: STATEMENT = topic sentence EVIDENCE ANALYSIS LINK Each paragraph will discuss a different poetic technique ( TOPIC )s.


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