Drug Trafficking Research Paper

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), in part because these analyses are unable to map the actual structure of the group.

Deepening our understanding of how illicit drug markets operate is pivotal to designing effective policy and crime control strategies.

Making good on one of his election promises, Calderon unleashed the country’s military...

The international drug trade and the power of drug cartels have perplexed both analysts and policy makers for years.

Qualitative research examining organized crime groups, with an emphasis on drug trafficking activity, finds varying group structure within a loosely connected trade network.

While these assessments are useful, there is little consistency in how authors operationalize organizational forms (as noted by Dorn et al.

This paper analyzes the ongoing drug war being waged between Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs), their rivals, and the U. This analysis is conducted through the lens of drug control; namely, through an examination of the distinct strategies...

Both gangs and police in Rio de Janeiro seemingly operate irrationally in an extended conflict, as it is highly unlikely that the state will make drug dealing legal, and it is also unlikely that gangs would be able to destroy the police through armed force. From his inauguration in 2005 to the end of his presidency in 2012, Mexican President Felipe Calderon presided over one of the most violent periods in his country’s history.

Making good on one of his election promises, Calderon unleashed the...

Read Article »The international drug trade and the power of drug cartels have perplexed both analysts and policy makers for years.


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