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Beyond hiding body parts, dress codes typically list a number of clothing items that students are not allowed to wear to school.The average dress code prohibits around 32 items (the maximum was 97).Here, we’ll focus on the last issue: how dress codes sexualize students by analyzing the rules and their framing in 481 public high schools across the US.

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And when things are important to us, we tend to be highly aware of them.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that when people are consciously thinking about their appearance, they perform worse on various cognitive tasks like math tests and are more likely to experience eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression.

But each of these arguments comes from the observer rather than the observed.

This outside critique of girls’ and womens’ bodies happens often enough that author Sady Doyle posited, “every woman has a moment when she realizes her body is public property.” We see this in social media, magazines, politics, sports, and even the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and naturally, it appears in high school dress codes.

Though, in Western culture, the midriff and navel (particularly those on female-presenting bodies), have a long history of being seen as taboo or indecent.

Women couldn’t show their belly buttons on television until the 1970s or the streets of New York City until 1985.

And while the APA acknowledges that anyone can be sexualized, they suggest that girls are the most at risk.

Compounding the issue, some argue, is that by telling students that these body parts are important to others, schools reinforce the idea that those parts should be important to them too.

If you aren’t currently in high school, it’s probably been a while since you’ve read a student handbook.

The dress code section, present in about 55% of US public high schools, contains a set of hotly debated policies.


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