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For example, some people believe that the best leaders are take charge types who give orders and expect people to follow them.Others believe that the best leaders are charismatic ones who appeal to their followers’ emotions and higher level needs and who give them wide latitude in figuring out how to get the job done. The correct answer is that it depends on the circumstances.

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In this document, I went to great pains to demonstrate my newly acquired knowledge of marketing and statistical data analysis techniques, primarily regression analysis.

I succeeded in doing this fairly easily to the satisfaction of my thesis advisor, a world-renowned scholar in the field of Operations Research.

First and foremost, your doctoral writing must reflect the higher-order thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Book report style, descriptive writing that demonstrates lower-order thinking skills, such as knowledge, comprehension, and application, is not acceptable.

In short, your writing must demonstrate your ability to read and analyze the ideas of other scholars, evaluate them, synthesize or integrate them into a meaningful whole, if necessary, and use them in support of your own arguments.

“He said, she said” content, which constitutes the bulk of undergraduate and masters level writing will not suffice at the doctoral level.

If not, then don’t expect scholars to pay too much attention to what you have to say. In that regard, it is your responsibility to present the ideas of others from the literature as faithfully as you can, based on your own critical reading of their work.

You must not distort their findings to make your point, even if you don’t agree with those findings.

Scholars know that such one-sided presentations are inherently biased. In doctoral writing, you must reflect your basic understanding of the nature of scientific enquiry, that truth is subjective and, therefore, tentative.

At the doctoral level, you must strive to present evidence for both sides of any position, and to demonstrate, by means of the work of other scholars and your own arguments, why your position is the stronger one. Early in our education, we learn about the nature of proof by experimentation, which is the hallmark of scientific investigation in the natural sciences.


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