Dissociative Identity Disorder Research Paper

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Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association; 1994. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 4th ed.

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Why people believe weird things: pseudoscience, superstition, and other confusions of our time. DID skeptics are sometimes accused of “denial” or “reluctance” to accept this diagnosis.

This article examines the logic of previous and new arguments.

The persistence of folly: a critical examination of dissociative identity disorder.

The persistence of folly: critical examination of dissociative identity disorder. The defense and decline of multiple personality or dissociative identity disorder.

The new Webster’s international comprehensive dictionary of the English language.

Four cases of supposed multiple personality disorder: evidence of unjustified diagnoses.

Russell’s argument is valid for any belief system relying on faith.

Bertrand Russell’s celestial teapot parable (Box 1) exposed the fallacy of equal-footing arguments (ie, in any debate or argument that has 2 sides, the 2 sides are not necessarily on equal footing). The persistence of folly: a critical examination of dissociative identity disorder.

I argue that little or no skepticism is substandard practice, if not negligence.

Informed skepticism is acceptable—even encouraged—in making a diagnosis of malingering, factitious disorder, some personality disorders, substance abuse, and psychotic states, to name a few. In medical and surgical specialties, informed skepticism is encouraged so that the practitioner challenges his or her assumptions about a possible diagnosis through a methodical process of inclusion, exclusion, and hypothesis testing.


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