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For works other than a first edition, indicate the edition number after the title, using the abbreviations as follows: Second edition = (2nd ed.), Third edition = (3rd ed.), Fourth edition = (4th ed.), Revised edition = (Rev. It can also refer to a work that has been peer reviewed but not yet copyedited or formatted for final production. Reference list Provide the title of the blog post, not the title of the blog. If you are uncertain, check your unit guide or with your unit chair or lecturer.

Cite the author(s) of the blog post (be aware that this is not always the owner of blog). Social networking accounts can either be open to the public or restricted to nominated readers or participants.

Short quotes (fewer than 40 words) should be incorporated into the text within double quotation marks. 563) hypothesised that "the short, quick fire nature of Twitter usage determined by the limit of 140 characters per 'tweet' may appeal to those high in Conscientiousness as they can still partake in social networking without it becoming a temporal distraction".… An important purpose of the reference list is to enable readers to locate your sources. Each in-text citation and the related reference list entry should be identical in spelling and year. In any one paragraph, if you cite an author or authors more than once in the narrative (i.e.

while others have supported this view: We don't do burden in the twenty-first century. We do expectation and our politicians have learnt to give us what we want. 19)The sense of entitlement …These elements are set out as follows: Author, Initials. A work is listed only once in the reference list, regardless of how many times it is cited in text. the author's name does not appear in parentheses), then include the family name(s) and year the first time.

Cite only if you have been given permission to do so. From “Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity: Data, Trends and Maps. Note that some images are copyright-free, and may not require this level of information - but that it will not hurt to include it!

Note that course materials available only on unit sites and not available to the general public should be cited as personal communication in text. Some units advise that it is not acceptable to cite from lectures or accompanying notes provided by the lecturer. Alabama Indicator Details Percent of Adults Aged 18 Years and Older Who Are Obese,” by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015 ( Data.aspx? For further information about copyright and student assessments, see the Deakin student guide to copyright.If only the screen name is known, provide without Botton, A. We don't envy everyone, we do so only when we think something they have is within our reach [Facebook post]. The "producer" of a You Tube (or similar platform) video is the person who has uploaded the video.Provide their real name and then the screen name/username in square brackets.The researchers found that people who seek and spread information on Facebook do not use Twitter in the same way and vice versa. (2012) suggest that this may be because …In-text citation Sometimes you read one author (secondary) who cites another (primary). In general, citing Wikipedia entries is not recommended. Note that in some units, citing dictionaries is not acceptable. In-text citation Where the author is identified for entries in print or online encyclopedias or other reference works, provide the author and year as for other authored sources. Note that referencing styles for online sources often vary at different institutions, faculties and schools, as standards are still evolving.In the example that follows, you have read Savage who refers to a publication by Lupton, but you have not read Lupton yourself. In-text citation If an author (or authors listed in the same order) have published two or more works in the same year, use the lower case letters "a", "b", "c" … Letters are assigned according to the alphabetical order of the title. Field theory is defined as "a systematic approach describing behaviour in terms of patterns of dynamic interrelationships between individuals and the psychological, social and physical situation in which they exist" ("Field theory", 2007, p. Advance online publication can refer to a work that has not yet been assigned a volume, issue or page numbers. Always consult your unit guide first to determine your required style. If no author is provided for a webpage or web document, cite by title. Where no page numbers are provided, cite the chapter number, section heading or paragraph number. Retrieved from URLIn all cases you need to consider whether social media sources are appropriate and acceptable to include in your assignment.Reference list Only public social media accounts should be included in the reference list. Retrieved from https://twitter.com/MCG58/status/459932487863369728Online videos may be available from a number of different sources on the web and in different formats – downloadable video files, streaming videos, or video podcasts. In-text citation You may cite a producer, writer, presenter or speaker.The author's real name is provided first, followed by the username/screen name in square brackets. To be human nowadays means we almost certainly have an envy problem ... Their role may be specified in text and it must be specified in the reference list entry.Abstract retrieved from https:// citing articles or chapters that have been reproduced in course materials, cite the original source where you have been provided with the full bibliographic details.Some units advise that it is not acceptable to cite from course materials.Cite only if you have been given permission to do so. When simply referring to a part of a work, such as a table, figure or appendix (but not reproducing it in your assignments), provide details of the part in text in addition to the author name, year and page number.Cite lectures in text as you would other personal communication. When you make a copy of an image or table in your work (or an adapted version of a figure/table) this requires not just a citation, but a copyright statement. In-text citation If the name of a department or agency is long and the abbreviation is familiar to readers, cite the full name and provide the abbreviation in brackets in the first instance. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC, 2013) provides practical and realistic recommendations for healthy eating……Most Australians eat only about half the recommended quantity of fruit, although they drink excessive amounts of fruit juice (NHMRC, 2013).


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