Dissertation On Recruitment And Selection

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The group of candidates that this dissertation focuses on is Interns.

Interns have to apply for their position in the same way as everyone else.

They are required to attend assessment centres where they have one to one interviews, ability tests and group tasks to carry out.

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Subject : Thesis Project : Final Report of Thesis on Recruitment And Selection Process Presented By: KHALID AZEEM Thesis On Recruitment And Selection Process Prepare By Student of Superior University Impact of Recruitment Sources, Interview and Recruiters on Recruitment and Selection Process A dissertation Presented to the Faculty of the Management Sciences Department, Superior Group of Colleges College, University Campus, Lahore.

Title: Recruitment And Selection Dissertation – A successful occupation in Human Resources Management (HRM) begins with your ability to draw the best candidates for any given vacancy.

There are many principles, issues, trends and legislative requirements that will improve your organization’s recruitment and selection processes.

Other types of psychometric tests are used to compare individuals with each other and therefore involve measuring individuals on scales.

These types of psychometric tests are known as nomothetic tests and it is these tests which are used in employee selection which is the focus of this study.

This will be done by conducting interviews with assessors from the various departments in the company in order to find out what the current system of ability tests entails and their opinions on the areas.

Ability tests scores for the interns will then be obtained and these will be compared to their current performance in order to determine if the tests were able to successfully predict job performance.


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