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In other words it provides the person who must deal with the problem with a way of dealing with it that is likely to be generally acceptable. In summary as Hall said in 1978, "it is certainly true that newspapers generally report on football using the sort of language which seems to derive more from the world of war than it does from sport." This probably helps to heighten rivalry between opposing fan group, as do the 'predictions' newspapers make before the game that 'trouble' is likely to occur between rival fans or that the police and local residents are preparing for an 'invasion' of visiting fans or are being placed on 'red alert.' It is also evident that the media plays a very significant role in the public's view of football hooliganism.

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The emphasis throughout is on the importance of context, social interaction and collective identity for understanding football hooliganism.If certain events have been labelled as the actions of "animals' or 'insane', it then appears right to treat the people who commit those actions as though they were 'animals' or 'insane'.In discussing football violence one newspaper suggested that 'they put these people into "hooligan compounds" every Saturday afternoon... We should make sure we treat them like animals.' Sociologists would say that the stereotype legitimises the way the problem is dealt with.Key problems examined are those that emerge from attempted entree into the hooligan subcultures and the everyday risks of comparative research with violent fans.The author provides regular illustrations to highlight how dangers such as the researcher's personal characteristics, lack of guiding sociological literature, and interaction with police officers can threaten the urban ethnographic project.For my primary data, after looking at the advantages and disadvantages of methods of collecting data, I chose my method which was an interview.The interview was very useful in that it helped me back up some points I made with real-life experiences or opinions.Football hooliganism periodically generates widespread political and public anxiety.In spite of the efforts made and resources invested over the past decades, football hooliganism is still perceived by politicians, policymakers and media as a disturbing social problem.This highly readable book provides the first systematic and empirically grounded comparison of football hooliganism in different national and local contexts.Focused around the six Western European football clubs on which the author did his research, the book shows how different clubs experience and understand football hooliganism in different ways.


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