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Most universities provide a copy of their grading scheme and a good student will be able to estimate their grade having reference to this. The following is a rough guide as to the characteristics of each grade band (the actual percentages will depend on your university grading system): A 1st Class piece will display most, if not all, of the following characteristics: Law Teacher. But here’s the thing: at Master’s level there’s tolerance for improper citation or referencing, even if it’s accidental.

Most universities provide a copy of their grading scheme and a good student will be able to estimate their grade having reference to this.

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To read, download and/or print the Handbooks click on the links below: (In case the link does not work, log into Moodle, look for the Navigation block and click Courses to see a list of all departments.

These could be direct or indirect quotations of other thinkers that you meant to cite later but have become “buried” in your work.

And of course they should be flagged to give you the opportunity to reference them if they turn out not to be your own. But if you’re expecting one single answer you may not be approaching it in the right way. Obviously this should start with you: there’s no point delivering your dissertation to a third-party to read unless you’ve been through your own work diligently, spotted typos and sentences that obviously don’t make sense, and evaluated your arguments as dispassionately as possible.

The IR499 Dissertation Notes have been updated to reflect the new deadline.

The updated Dissertation Notes are available on the IR499 Moodle page.At Master’s level especially, flow is a crucial aspect of your dissertation.Unless you’re an exceptionally well-organised writer, the chances are that your dissertation contains at least some paraphrases or direct quotations of others’ work that you inserted without fully referencing them.This is especially true at Master’s level where, compared to undergraduate level, the thoughts you’re trying to marshal are more complex and likely involve more detailed and in-depth discussion.Even if your readers are able to make out the sense of your arguments if spelling or grammatical errors require re-reading, this will slow them down and disrupt the “flow” of the argument (see below).In this post, we explain exactly why and the benefit it will bring to your final submission.Spelling and grammar are the most obvious items that come to mind when most people think of proofreading.They are downloadable in PDF format from within the School network only.The Handbooks will no longer be supplied in hard copy to 2nd and 3rd year BSc students, or MSc or Ph D students. [Accessed 7 September 2019]; Available from: https:// The IR Student Handbooks for the academic year 2018-19 are available here.


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