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(3.1.2) Secondary Data: market demand from magazine, population, static method..(3.1.3) Market scale: (3.1.4) Market analysis (3.1.5) Forecast : a.) Market analysis. (3.1.6) Multi-/statistics (a) Marketing policy: marketing policy planning product strategy planning, product promotion...Dissertation prior to this date are available in hard copy format from the Marketing Departments administration office.

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It will help enterprises to achieve the successof the product in the market with a better understanding of the market.

This paper alsocombined different kinds of products research methods, and puts forward a comprehensiveanalysis of the ideas and research methods to help corporations to do the marketing strategyresearch.

This paper also provides a relatively comprehensive research idea and marketingstrategy formulation techniques, for other small and medium-sized enterprises or individualswho want to enter the milk tea market to do the marketing strategy combinations orinnovation, which can create certain reference value and significance.

In this paper, it stated the status quo of Labixiaoxin Company and Youmo milk tea, andthen, studied and analyzed the key marketing issues faced by Youmo milk tea.

This paper arguesthat the enterprise should strengthen the combination of4Ps marketing strategy, its productsstand out its product/service advantage, and help enterprise to form strategic combination toensure the steady implementation of the enterprise strategy.

Marketing is a complex of measures to raise the profile of a company and its products in the public mind.

For that reason, you should make a careful and solid research before writing a dissertation regardless of the topic you choose.

Please review standard structural requirements for dissertations.

Toface the fierce competition, how to effectively strengthen the marketing management hasbecome a current important topic faced by enterprises.

As a result, it is important andnecessary to do the marketing strategies research of Youmo milk tea to maximize resourceutilization.


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