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Dissertation, My Living Educational Theory Grounded In My Life: How can I enable my communication through correspondence to be seen as educational and worthy of presentation in its original form? An interdisciplinary study of network organization in biological and human social systems. Karen's thesis is included here not because Karen created her living theory, but because of the significance of her ideas on flow-form networks for the generation of living theories) James Edgerton's (2007) MSc Thesis, Catching a Glimpse of Inspiration: how my research journey is making a different for my management practice.

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The purpose of the exercise is to disseminate this fixed form to an imagined audience—generally in the hope that this audience will prove to be real.

Finding an audience is the role of the record company.

DISCCRS (pronounced "discourse") is built on the premise that successful interdisciplinary scholarship begins with a core area of expertise and grows with the development of broader knowledge and through a network of collegial connections across disciplines.

The aim of DISCCRS is to foster such interdisciplinary work by connecting new researchers who are striving to create and integrate knowledge across multiple disciplines and to develop creative solutions to problems relating to climate change.

(2008) Thesis, Evolution of a rehabilitation programme for chemically dependent male street adolescents in a major indian city. Coventry University in collaboration with the University of Worcester.

(2008) Thesis, How I have arrived at a notion of knowledge transformation, through understanding the story of myself as creative writer, creative educator, creative manager, and educational researcher. Bruce Damon's doctorate on - A Collaboratively Constructed Process Model For Understanding And Supporting The Work Of The Community Volunteer In A Community School. (2012) Thesis, Revealing what is 'tacit/rationally-invisible/in the background': an online coaching pedagogy for developing improved leadership practice through 'presencing empathetic responsiveness' University of Bath. 2017 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa. Jerome Thamsanqa Gumede's (2011) Doctor of Technology: Education Thesis, An Auto-Ethnographic Enquiry: Critical Reflection on the Influences in the Development of a Black African Male Educator. There is a degree of mystery and uncertainty about just what goes on behind the studio door.Some producers are seen as Svengali-like figures manipulating artists into mass consumer product. University of Bath.(live connections to video clips from the text need adding Karen Riding's Ph. (2008) Thesis, How do I come to understand my shared living educational standards of judgement in the life I lead with others? The story of living myself through others as a practitioner-researcher. Thesis (2010) Within Dialogue and Without: How has 'Being in the Unkown' become a value in my developing as a better dialogical educator? (2008) Thesis, How do I contribute to the education of myself and others through improving the quality of living educational space? (2003) How can I improve my health visiting support of parenting? (1996) Action planning and assessment in guidance contexts: how can I understand and support these processes while working with colleagues in further education colleges and career service provision in Avon? (1997) How do I as a teacher-researcher contribute to the development of a living educational theory through an exploration of my values in my professional practice? (2001) How can I as an educator and Professional Development Manager working with teachers, support and enhance the learning and achievement of pupils in a whole school improvement process?


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