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The University of Texas at Austin lacks the authority, express or implied, to revoke a former graduate student's Ph. The brief judgment by Judge Karin Crump pertains to Suvi Orr, who has been fighting to keep her Ph. for years, following allegations of scientific misconduct that led the university to revoke the doctorate.

Orr, now a senior principal scientist at Pfizer, received her doctorate in organic chemistry at Texas in 2008.

Pilots are preferred, but specs of an existing show will be considered. Complete list of screenwriting classes including final grades (names of instructors and TA’s). From pre-production to sound mix, students will complete a short film or video project (under 12 minutes in length) with the most advanced equipment available to RTF undergraduates.

If the student is currently writing this project in their class, they may submit the first ten pages along with the outline. WORKSHOPPING ABILITY: We will be contacting previous instructors. STATEMENT: One-page statement completed by the student as to why they want to take this class. Emphasis will be placed on storytelling, strong cinematic style, and production values.

Undergraduate Screenwriting Thesis Class – how decisions are made: 1. For filmmakers wishing to create a narrative or documentary film that demonstrates and showcases advanced filmmaking skills.

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WRITING SAMPLE: Must submit either a completed PILOT (half hour or hour long) or FEATURE SCREENPLAY. One-page statement as to why you want to take this class. The class is for DIRECTORS and PRODUCERS (exceptions to this rule noted below), and students should apply in two person directing/producing teams that will work together to shepherd the project from beginning to end.

For each of the director and the producer, please provide: Again, please collect this info for both the director and the producer, and then submit via a single e-mail.

Consent decisions will be made by 5 pm on November 7 so that you can register by the 9th, the last day for early registration.

In 2017, a Texas appeals court weighing her second lawsuit granted Orr an injunction, saying that the university could not revoke her Ph. through its own disciplinary process -- what Orr called a “kangaroo court” -- outside a court of law.

Gary Susswein, university spokesperson, said via email Thursday that “we’ve read the opinion, respectfully disagree with the holding, and are currently planning to appeal.” Orr’s attorneys, David Sergi and Anita Kawaja, told in a statement that the decision is a first step toward restoring Orr’s “reputation and her standing in the scientific community.” The ruling also recognizes that relevant Texas law has been unchanged for decades, in that it ensures conferred degrees can only be rescinded through the “rigid due process” of a lawsuit, they said. Virgil Waggoner Regents Chair in Chemistry, decided that she would try to synthesize a molecule called Lundurine B.


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