Discursive Essay On Surrogacy

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To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.The branding and marketing of post-millennial India as a global service provider has been relentless.In the context of globally gendered and classed interactions and the translocal reconfiguration of family and kin structures, the new independent Indian cinema acts as a catalyst for the emergence of social change, uncovering and disrupting “traditional” social contracts.

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Therefore, this volume can be used as a standard reference for anyone seeking to understand surrogacy and egg donation from a macro-perspective in the next decade.https:// The recent spectacular progress in assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) has resulted in new ethical dilemmas.

Though women occupy a central role in the reproductive process, within the ART paradigm, the importance accorded to the...

This book highlights the importance of a comparative perspective to ‘make sense’ of controversies and transitions in this highly contested area of artificial reproductive technologies.

It demonstrates how local developments cannot be isolated from global events and vice versa.It traces the cross-border 'reproflows' of actors, technologies, desires,...more This chapter examines the cross-border movement of various groups of actors for egg donation and commercial surrogacy to and/or from India, Germany and Israel.In different ways, these cinematic narratives offer a critique of the contested bodies of neoliberalism, speaking to the issue of surrogacy in India, a heated topic of debate in social, legal, and academic circles.Beyond categories of local and diasporic, and in line with the premise that the films of the new independent Indian cinema are glocal – global in aesthetic and local in content – these films seek to explore new subjectivities and the attached social practices.This gives a distinct character to the global 'reproscapes'.Based on the findings from ethnographic studies, it identifies the specific local and moral regimes at each of these countries that further stratify reproduction and the global reproscapes.This commentary questions the increasing tendency to position the embryonic subject in an antagonistic relation with the mother.I examine how the mother’s reproductive autonomy is compromised in relation to that of her embryo and argue in favour of doing away with the subject-object dyad between them, particularly in the contexts of surrogacy and abortion.These arguments are sustained by an interview conducted with Onir, generous excerpts of which are given throughout the chapter.This chapter examines the cross-border movement of various groups of actors for egg donation and commercial surrogacy to and/or from India, Germany and Israel.


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