Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Planning

However, these cases should be assessed by an expert consultant prior to pursuing this approach.3.

Keep your BC/DR plan up to date and ensure any production changes are reflected.

Below are six best practice tips for creating a BC/DR plan that encompasses all areas of your business.1.

Devise a consistent plan, and ensure all plan components are fully accessible in the event of a major disaster.

Ensuring users are seamlessly transferred to a secondary environment creates the illusion that nothing is actually happening to your environment, allowing users to continue enjoying your services without An event that interrupts normal business, functions, operations, or processes, whether anticipated (e.g., hurricane, political unrest) or unanticipated (e.g., a blackout, terror attack, technology failure, or earthquake)." .6.

Create your plan with the mentality that anything can happen.Many companies document their BC/DR plan in Excel, Visio, Word, or as PDFs.And while this isn’t a bad approach, the files need to be stored in a consistently available location—whether that’s in the cloud, on physical paper, or in a DR planning .Without an updated BC/DR plan, all your hard work would have been for nothing since you wouldn’t be able to quickly recover anything.Keeping your plan in alignment with the production environment, and practicing change management are important methods for staying on top of your latest additions.4.You may prepare for weeks or even months, creating the best documentation and establishing .However, if those resources are useless if they’re unavailable when most needed.Consider: your organization has successfully implemented a new plan, with recovery points and time all proven to work.Six months later, you’ve deployed a new application system that runs in the cloud instead of on-premise.Ensuring unhindered access should be a top priority; an inaccessible BC/DR plan is just as bad as not having a plan at all.2.Maintain full copies of critical data OUTSIDE your production region.


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