Disadvantages Child Labour Essay

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If this is the case, and if the Indian government considers reducing and eventually eliminating child labour a concern and goal, then it becomes necessary to consider the factors that lead to poverty in India before pursuing the elimination of child labour.A law enacted in 1986, based upon the recommendations of the Gurupadswamy Committee, states that “children less than fourteen years of age cannot be employed in hazardous occupations.” (Ministry of Labour and Employment 2005) Hazardous occupations, according the Government, refers to any work that involves unsafe activities or working conditions, and includes such activities as operating transportation vehicles, work that involves proximity to a railway line and work that involves handing toxic and hazardous substances.

IPEC is also in partnership with UNICEF and assists in the annual World Day against Child Labour.According to the 2005 Indian Census, the National Child Labour Projects now covers 41% of the country.The Indian Government, in the attempt to enact long term legislative changes on the subject of child labour, acknowledges that these changes will take time to fully come into effect.UNICEF sees child labour as a violation against a child’s right to education.They are of the opinion that, though the Indian Government has implemented such efforts as the National Child Labour Projects- more commonly referred to as NCLP-intervention by organizations in the pursuit of partnerships with the national, as well as state governments are necessary.While the Government has put forward several goals towards the end of child labour, it is recognizably a difficult endeavour.On the Indian Government Website, it states that “…poverty is the root cause of child labour [and] the action plan emphasizes the need to cover these children and their families…” (Ministry of Labour and Employment 2005) From this quote, it is clear that the Government of India recognizes that the amount of poverty in India is a determining factor in the amount of child labourers in the country. ” (2005), speaks of the relationship between poverty and child labour in India, suggesting that one cannot exist without the other.Child Labour is undoubtedly present in countries such as India.I am curious to research the implications on the life of a child worker in India- specifically the implications on said child’s education.You can view samples of our professional work here.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.


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