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The North remained staunch in its defence of free labour and capitalist ideology.

Thus the two sides developed distinctly different ideologies that were opposed to each other.

The South therefore, felt the need to defend itself from attack.

In addition to ideological differences that made war inevitable, there were also important economic differences that made peaceful reconciliation unlikely.

I intend to argue that the secession of the Southern states and the Civil War that ensued was inevitable.

There were far too many differences between the two factions for peaceful reconciliation.

In reality, the North differed very little from the South in their attitude towards white supremacy.

It was differences in economic ideology that was the fundamental difference between North and South which necessitated each side resorting to armed conflict.

By the end of the eighteenth century economic superiority rested with the industrialized North; the South was experiencing growing doubts surrounding the viability of growing cotton.

There had been a drop in the importation of slaves and a steep decline of the southern economy.


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