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Waking up on the toilet, he found his mother cleaning his stab wound. Conclusion He's served nine years in the Armed Forces, got married, and now has a son. He look's at his mother's life as a tragedy, and finds that he learned the absolute power of forgiveness from all he endured as a young boy.

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From time to time people have questioned whether Pelzer’s story is true.

Some began to have doubts in the wake of the publication in recent years of several striking memoirs that later turned out to be fake.

A family that took vacations and adventures together.

These were distant memories of David's "childhood".

The book begins from the end of Pelzer's struggle with child abuse. His mother, once a sweet and caring person, suddenly turns against Pelzer and becomes very abusive, but only to Pelzer and not his other brothers.

Her abuse towards him becomes a charade of games, where she purely tortures him, sometimes to the point where one wonders how he was still alive. Introduction " A Child Called 'it'" written by Dave Pelzer, is a true story about a boys struggle through life as an abused, isolated child before reaching the age of 12.This book shows how much determination and human spirit a person can have, even while being the "third-worst case of child abuse" in the state of California. A story about a young boy named David who lived the ideal "Brady Bunch" life.'’'' However, this article was written in 2002, before the publication of a memoir called A Brother’s Journey: Surviving a Childhood of Abuse, by Richard B.Pelzer, Dave’s younger brother (Russell in A Child Called “It”) in 2005. He also writes that after Dave was taken away, his mother started to take out her anger on him, and he became the abused one, suffering for years, just as Dave had done.Although the book mainly focuses on the abuse Pelzer endures, the story explains his motivation and will to survive and defeat his mother.The story is very easy to read because it was developed from a child's viewpoint. - How are the differences in his attitude toward the meaning of life different from the beginning to the end of the book?- How does Dave's father affect Dave's relationship with his mother?She made him lye in a bathtub of freezing cold water for hours and then make him sleep outside in the garage. The year before David's 11th birthday, while he was cleaning the dishes, his mother threatened him that if he didn't hurry up that she would kill him.She picked up a knife like she usually did, but by "accident she tripped while walking away and the knife flew out of his sight and before he knew what happened he fell to the floor and passed out.


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