Date Luther Posted 95 Theses

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There was nothing in Rome to mend his despairing spirit or settle his restless soul.

He seemed so cut off from God, and nowhere could he find a cure for his malady.

The pope would do better to give everything away without charge." 3.

Buying indulgences gives people a false sense of security and endangers their salvation."Indulgences are positively harmful to the recipient because they impede salvation by diverting charity and inducing a false sense of security.

The more Luther's eyes were opened by his study of Romans, the more he saw the corruption of the church in his day.

The glorious truth of justification by faith alone had become buried under a mound of greed, corruption, and false teaching.Some copies of the theses were sent to friends and church officials, but the disputation never took place.Albert of Brandenburg, archbishop of Mainz, sent the theses to some theologians whose judgment moved him to send a copy to Rome and demand action against Luther. Luther was calling for a debate on the most neuralgic issue of his time: the relationship between money and religion.By the early months of 1518, the theses had been reprinted in many cities, and Luther's name had become associated with demands for radical change in the church. "Indulgences" (from the Latin indulgentia—permit) had become the complex instruments for granting forgiveness of sins.The granting of forgiveness in the sacrament of penance was based on the "power of the keys" given to the apostles according to Matthew , and was used to discipline sinners.Most galling was the practice of indulgences -- the certificates the church provided, for a fee, supposedly to shorten one's stay in Purgatory. He planned to use the money to help pay for the building of St. Johann Tetzel was one of the indulgence sellers in Luther's vicinity.He used little advertising jingles to encourage people to buy his wares: "As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs." Once Luther realized the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice alone for our sins, he found such practices revolting., a priest nailed a challenge to debate on the church door.No one may have noticed then, but within the week, copies of his theses would be discussed throughout the surrounding regions; and within a decade, Europe itself was shaken by his simple act. The pope has no power over Purgatory."Papal indulgences do not remove guilt. Peter's and give the money to the poor folk who are being fleeced by the hawkers of indulgences." 2.


Comments Date Luther Posted 95 Theses

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