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A very illustrative example of the difficulty persists in an intercultural environment was explored in an episode of “Star Trek” (“Star Trek, the Next Generation”), where the android (a machine with human likeness) Commander Data will ask the chief medical officer Beverly Crusher to teach you to dance. Crusher fails to explain the aforementioned inconsistency and proceeds to teach Commander Data movement system – a totally different waltz assuring him that this time he can use it at the wedding.

This interaction takes place in the Helideck, a room generated by a computer that has the ability to play the type of room requested. Crusher asks the replica of a study where he learned to dance as a child and was given the task of teaching tap dance to Mr. To thank you, Commander Data says that now can dance at a wedding at which he will attend shortly. Crusher explains that this type of dance can only run at certain events – one of the many inconsistencies of human classification systems have little logic for Mr. Do checkout “My Hobby Playing” Commander Data to the problem was to understand the meaning of the dance. Crusher could easily teach the structure and content of the two systems of movement, this was only the beginning.

What also surprised Commander Data it appeared to be the difference between Beverly Crusher waltz, a couple dancing the waltz and generated virtually bride. When I see someone dancing, I feel that this is an expression of human nature so I started to dance in my private room alone on different music.

I enjoy most of the music genre like rock, metal, classic or western.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to travel to several countries including Costa Rica, Peru, and Bolivia.

Besides, I know many people from the USA, Germany, France and other countries.

Aside from enjoying a lot of music and dance itself, I love how every dance has a history and is an integral part of Hispanic cultures.

I want to learn more dance because I think it will help me better understand the cultures and histories of various countries.

Our first task is to understand the meaning of the dance.

Let’s start by imagining an interaction between a non – human character with a human of this planet to illustrate that these terms are not transparent to render the uninitiated meanings.


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