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I haven't had the chance to play the record yet but i'm interested to know if other people have had any problems with it. Almost half of the songs have skipping ranging from tolerable to annoying.Lack of quality is sometimes shown just from audio itself.We could go on track by track, but really what you need to do is get that album, put it on, and turn it UP.

Honestly surprised at the quality since I know I shouldn't expect amazon to have top quality vinyl 'and' make it to my house in two days in mint condition.

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I thought it wasn't that bad until I started writing this comment I got Homework last week on vinyl.

I have listened to the whole album, and it does skip around a little, But not as much as Alive 1997 though.

After the high drama of “Alive” — a track that would be a superb album closer — Daft Punk return to their sly playfulness with “Funk Ad”.

The track is nothing more than a sub-minute snippet of “Da Funk” flipped in reverse.

The gatefold insert picture, complete with a Ronco compilation and an Iron Fist comic, added to the '70s magic of it all.

At the same time, the '90s were full of '70s-worshipping, and this wasn't nearly as overt as, say, Len's "Steal My Sunshine" or .

It shouldn’t work (the concept is cheeky), but then somehow it just … The bones of “Da Funk” are just so strong that it can withstand getting pushed through a time-warping black hole and coming out the other end.

It brings everything to a sweet fade, the album collapsing in on its own funk.


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