Customs And Courtesies Army Essay

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The highest position for enlisted soldiers is Sergeant Major of the Army whereas the lowest ranking or entry level rank is a private.

Enlisted soldiers typically follow the commands and orders of officers which must also be extended military courtesies such as saluting the officers or standing at attention didn't know they were doing anything wrong, for them it was normal.

To the untrained eye there does not seem to be too many variations between the civilian world and the military world besides the evident like uniforms, stricter standards of living, and traveling.

However, to the trained eye one huge difference stands out. The fact that mutual respect exists, and is demanded is a major difference between the civilian world and the military world.

Customs mounted inspectors was officially changed to customs patrol inspectors in may 1933.

During world war ii all the port operations were maintained by the customs service, customs immigration and naturalization service and the state department along with the U.Many historians think that the United States military salute derived from the "open hand" British Army salute that is palm down and toward the shoulder.In the Army, any personnel in uniform are required to salute if they recognize persons entitled to the salute.A salute is defined as "show[ing] respect and recognition to (a military superior) by assuming a prescribed position" by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It is said that the salute began in late Roman times when assassinations were rampant.When the citizens wanted to see a public official, they had to advance toward the official with their right hand raised to show that they did not have a weapon.The only time that an Army soldier is not required to render a salute is when either party is in civilian attire.The hand salute is not the only salute rendered in the Army. The tradition of firing cannons is also said to have derived from the British, though it is the British Navy this time.I do not know how many times I have seen someone honking his or her horn during it because someone stopped in the middle of the road.I do understand that different posts have different requirements.However, I think that it is important that we be aware of what is going on around us and know how to react.....1917 to 1924 was the era of immigration control.1920 to 1933 was the prohibition era.


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