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Despite that bottleneck, lack of TAs resulted in the cancellation of 1 lecture and 5 accompanying labs.

In general, Psychology students are not excited to take this course and find statistics extremely difficult.

The vast majority of students do not have calculus experience.

I will incorporate auditory and visual instructional strategies via short videos.

I am in the process of filming the videos to highlight course material and theories.

Like statics and dynamics, ME 311 is characterized by high enrollment and high repeat rates - since Fall 2007, approximately one-third of ME 311 students have received repeatable grades (W, D or F), with another third receiving C’s.

This project resulted in the creation of various supplemental materials including modular video tutorials, recorded in-class lectures, and the curation of videos that demonstrate fluid mechanics concepts.Bottlenecks in introductory geology (EES1) labs arise from two compounding limitations: the number of students a lab room can hold and the number of graduate students available to serve as teaching assistants (TAs).This past Fall 2014, EES1 had ~500 seats available for ~5400 eligible GE B1students.In addition, only 74.3% of CSUDH freshmen STEM majors persist into their second year.Redesigning this critical gateway course will support the advancement and retention of both freshmen and non-freshmen STEM students.Principles of Marketing has traditionally been a "bottleneck" course at SDSU since all majors within CBA are required to take it.Historically, many would take the course and not complete it with the adequate grade to move on thereby creating a backlog of students trying to ""crash" the class.I will use the hybrid model to make a more robust at-home learning experience for students.Using Macmillan's Launchpad site and Flip It Econ videos and assessment we will implement and test the evidence-based practices of multimedia learning, low-stakes adaptive quizzing and interleaved retrieval practice to encourage and reward mastery by lowering the cost of trying and failing.In dynamics, these free-body diagrams coupled with another set of diagrams known as kinetic diagrams are ubiquitous in analyzing an object that is in motion.The goal of this project is to provide a medium through which the student will be able to visualize the motion of objects and practice generating the appropriate diagrams.


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