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Okay, even if you did not answer the first three questions correctly, you still have one more chance to show your true abilities. There is a river you must cross but it is used by crocodiles, and you do not have a boat. Correct Answer: You jump into the river and swim across. All the crocodiles are attending the animal conference.

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Just look at all those people who disagree with you about politics!

I'm going to offer a proposal (based on Bishop & Trout 2005).

According to Anderson Consulting Worldwide, around 90% of the professionals tested got all questions wrong.

This tests whether you learn quickly from your mistakes.

Both poison oak and poison ivy are members of the cashew family.

They also tested preschoolers and found that most children got one or two questions correct. Can it conclusively demonstrate that most professionals don't have the brains of a four-year-old? It takes 720 peanuts to make a pound of peanut butter.

82% said that colleges and universities should place more emphasis on critical thinking and analytical reasoning (AAC&U Report). Without the needle exchange program, would HIV rates have still climbed to 1.2/10,000? and was able to reason correctly only because I have been an avid reader of Gerd Gigerenzer who argues that naturally occurring frequencies as opposed to Beysian formulae, are the means to more easily reason logically. I think it is an important one that is often overlooked--or worse, used interchangeably in a very incorrect fashion.

In one large-scale study, 45% of students showed no improvement in critical thinking skills in their first two years of college; and 36% of students showed no improvement in their four years of college (Arum & Roska 2011). The sin most often encountered is mistaking an effective action for evidence of a useful truth.

This way of thinking in managerial decision-making has brought down space shuttles.

I also think an interesting notion to consider is the role of heuristics in reasoning. I think you're right that there's a tendency to run theoretical and practical reason together. A good way to see that the rules governing them aren't identical is to imagine a case in which you have equally good reasons for A and B.


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