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The consultant responds to the lawmaker's argument by Option A : The consultant does reject the lawmaker's argument, but the consultant does not propose higher standards.Indeed, in suggesting that the board should be retained, the consultant implies that the board's standards are appropriate.Option D : This information implies, for example, that two years ago, the inflation rate was higher than 1.2 percent.

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Such a quarantine program might lead horticultural companies to start selling tulu plants only if they areless than 24 weeks old, thereby minimizing the chance of quarantine by minimizing the chance of detection. Last year the rate of inflation was 1.2 percent, but for the current year it has been 4 percent.

We can conclude that inflation is on an upward trend and the rate will be still higher next year.

If this information were provided, it would weaken support for the conclusion. Option E : Difficulty of access to the trees could provide a disincentive to their harvesting—but we are not told that it would prevent their harvesting. For similar carsand comparable drivers, automobile insurance for collision damage has always costmore in Great port than in Fairmont.

Since it is not provided, this option does not significantly weaken the argument. Police studies, however, show thatcars owned by Greatport residents are, on average, slightly less likely to be involved in a collision than cars in Fairmont.

And many tulu plants are sold before they are 24 weeks old.

Which of the following, if performed bythe government ministry, could logically be expected to overcome the problem with their plan to test for the fungal rot?

Option A : The method of the drug's distribution is irrelevant, unless the central authority can limit the drug's production from the bark of wild ibora trees. Option B : The cost of producing the drug does notaffect the outcome for the treeunless it deters production.

Option C : The existence of uses for other parts of the tree opens the possibility that the ibora-bark drug would cause no increase in destruction of trees other than what exists already.

The information given, however, includes the statement that Greatport cars arelesslikely to be involved in collisions than are Fairmontcars.

Why this occurs—whether, for example, traffic congestion is a contributory factor-is not relevant. This is clearly a factor that would affect the profitability of insurance in the two towns-and is therefore highly relevantto evaluatingthe argument, especially its conclusion.


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