Critical Thinking Flow Sheet For Nursing Students

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We are back with another in our series of episodes about critical thinking in nursing and how it applies to nursing care plans. Today I am really excited to bring you an episode in our series on Critical Thinking and Nursing Care Plan. I have worked in various units and I’ve noticed my progression of critical thinking.

I would need to know what their blood pressures were running beforehand, before we flipped into this. Take the blood pressure, I get an accurate blood pressure, I get a quick assessment on the patient; they’re feeling fine, no symptoms.

Take a peek at their labs; okay, I’m going to go page the cardiovascular surgeon. Okay, I want you to give a Cardizem Bolus and I want you to start the patient on a ten milligram Cardizem Bolus, and I want you to start them on a Cardizem drip at 5, and I want you to titrate up to 15 to maintain a heart rate less than 120.

In today’s episode Kati tells of two real life examples of using critical thinking on the nursing floor. Before we get rolling into the episode, I want to let you guys know that if you go to, that’s you will find a massive monster post on creating nursing care plans and how to apply critical thinking in nursing school. This is another episode in our series on Critical Thinking and nursing care plan. It looked a little different on each unit and I wanted to just go through a few scenarios, a few examples of things so you can understand that progression.

That’s something that nursing professors in nursing schools love to mention. On that post as well there is a free download of a care plan template, you can download and just fill in. In this episode we’re going to talk about three examples of my critical thinking on working on a nursing floor/step-down.15 Interactive case studies guide students through the steps of the nursing process to plan effective patient care.NCLEX-style questions at the end of each section of the case challenge students’ knowledge and clinical decision-making. I find it particularly helpful when teaching students the nursing process and problem-solving. Authorized translation from the English language edition published by Thieme Medical Publishers Inc., No part of this material may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the agent of the copyright holder, NANDA-International.They love to mention you need to be critical thinking but they don’t ever really tell you how or how it applies. It has all the spots where you can just fill in exactly what you need to have a really effective good nursing care plan. Basically, we could take care of step-down patients except they just couldn’t have arterial lines or ventilators, it’s basically cardiac step down. I have worked on the floor, I have worked in the ICU, and by the way my name is Katie Cleaver, BSN RN CCRN.Simulations to Enhance Learning and Evaluate Critical Thinking Challenge your students to develop the critical-thinking skills essential to the nursing profession, with rich, realistic virtual patient case studies!Dx R Nursing SELECT allows students to reason through the virtual patient problem, practice making sound clinical judgments, and prioritize patient needs.” I’ve got to critically think about this situation while I have alarms going off in the back. Okay, but I’ve got to anticipate the questions the doctor is going to ask me. So let me go do that, and get that taken care of before I call the physician because I want to have the answers to these questions.Before I call and page the physician, I got to get my ducks in a row. I go in, I assess my patient, patient feels totally fine.One of the big things of the patients that I care of was, they were recovering from Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts or it’s called the CABG surgery.One of the things that frequently happens after a patient has had this surgery is they flip into AFib.


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