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Also, there is the story of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, in which one twin kills the other.Thus, although in a comic setting, the use of twins in The Comedy of Errors is not necessarily inherently humorous.It continues with Adriana, who asks her sister why men have more liberty than their wives.

, written by William Shakespeare and first performed by 1594, largely deals with the concept of identity, from the farcical mistaken identities of twins Antipholus and Dromio, to the roles of the women around them.

The minor characters, in this case Egeon and the Duke, set up the framework of the play.

Egeon, at the behest of the Duke, describes his adventures and relates his life story.

This provides the history of The Comedy of Errors, and helps the audience keep track of the confusion which unfolds during the play.

Within The Comedy of Errors by the venerable William Shakespeare, there comes a hectic bit in the first scene of the fifth act whereupon a lowly messenger brings disturbing news to Adriana: “Mistress, upon my life I tell you true / I have not...

Shakespearian comedies often address the widely-accepted notion in Elizabethan England that suggested that order and balance should prevail both in the world and in performed representations of the world, even if the form of the plays often...However, this issue has real historical implications.The story of Jacob and Esau, in which Jacob cheats his brother Esau out of the inheritance, is one every Christian would have known at the time.The play does not end prematurely, and for the simple reason that the characters are meant to learn something.For instance, the Duke claims that he is sympathetic, but that his duty is to uphold the law at all costs, which is why he sentences Egeon to die.Some theaters have actually set up gallows on stage for the entire performance in order to continually remind the audience that although this is a comedy, there is always the threat of death hanging over the performance.In addition to this very real threat, there is also the threat that the play will end prematurely.Later, Adriana uses almost identical language when referring to her husband, and compares their separation to that of separating water.Thus the phrase stands for a joining of two people, and implies an intimate bond.His pardon of Egeon at the end of the play is supposed to indicate that he has not only learned to pardon, but has overcome his selfishness by having him turn down the ransom which Antipholus offers. When Antipholus of Syracuse arrives, the merchant pays him a thousand marks and simultaneously warns him that a Syracusan was arrested that very day.Antipholus of Syracuse therefore has the chance to immediately ransom Egeon, and be reunited with his father.


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