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Here I point out three free-market themes that impacted me while I recently watched the 1984 film featuring George C. Though this discussion is what I am limited to by blog space and writing time, I encourage you to look for additional themes yourselves.__________________________________________________________________ First, Dickens never condemns capitalism, decries the success of business owners, nor denounces the trading by which they amassed their wealth. Introduction Theo St John Stevens 12/01/10 How is A Christmas carol a critic of Victorian society?

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Dickens shows this by having recurring symbols like the many bells and clocks which are mentioned in the story.

'The city clocks had only just gone three' This ties in with his obsession of keeping to time and making money.

He also announces the arrival of Marley's ghost be reference to bells 'his glance rested upon a bell...

but it soon rang loudly, so did every bell in the house' I think Dickens feels very strongly about how the poor are badly treated. Conclusion So it is showing the lack of togetherness that Christians are meant to have at Christmas.

Scrooge only thinks that now is the time to make or lose money; the past and future exist only to serve the present.

There are many things that show Scrooge's obsessions with the present.When Ebenezer Scrooge is approached by two gentlemen and asked to make a donation to the “poor and destitute,” his response was that the poor and destitute should go to the prisons and workhouses because his tax dollars already support those.This demonstrates the fallacy of taxations superseding generosity.In his book, , AEI president Arthur Brooks shows quantitatively that liberals who support large government anti-poverty programs are in their own lives the least generous.To them, their taxation has taken the place of personal generosity. ” The modern Scrooges, in short, are those who advocate government programs for the poor rather than charity for the poor.A Christmas carol is a critique of Victorian society because it evaluates how things can go wrong because of capitalism and money at the expense of Christian moral values.Dickens shows that society should work towards trying to be like the Cratchits regardless of class. Dickens makes very clear his disgust for the industrial capitalism that the City of London is embraced in.The city is portrayed to be ugly and dirty because it symbolises the greed of the people who live in it, like Scrooge: 'Like muddy smears upon the palpable air'. Middle It sounds like he is being portrayed as evil and heartless, even the weather dislikes him; 'he carried the low temperature around with him' showing Scrooge is so bad that he literally carries around the cold with him: 'No warmth could warm him, no wintry weather chill him.' 'No wind that blew was bitterer than him'; 'Foul weather didn't know where to have him'.To conclude the main issue I think Dickens criticises in his society is their obsession with money, their greed and irresponsibility as citizens.But the main idea is that money is just a material matter and when you die you will lose it and will not be able to take it with you.


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