Criminology Dissertation

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After being admitted to candidacy, students focus primarily on their dissertation.

The major professor and supervisory committee assume major roles in helping students define an acceptable project and follow through on its completion.

For any further information on funding, refer to the PGFO.

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The student’s committee members determine the exact parameters of the prospectus.

Generally, the prospectus includes a problem statement and introduction, a literature review, and the research methods to be used.Email the following to [email protected]: Should a member of staff agree to supervise your research, you will be contacted with information on what steps are necessary in order to apply to the University of Cape Town.After feedback from the Centre, you may apply to study online as per the instructions or guidelines for postgraduate degree applicants on the Law Faculty website.During this session, the group strives to reach consensus regarding the proposal and study methodology.If the prospectus is approved, the student may move ahead with the study as described, subject to any changes the committee may request.Selection is dependent on academic record, supervision availability, and topic relevance.Applications can be made at any time during the year.At this stage, the student is eligible to register for dissertation credit hours (at least 24 dissertation credit hours are required).The University requires a minimum period of six months between admission to candidacy and granting of the degree.The College requires that doctoral candidates prepare a dissertation prospectus that will enable the committee to determine if the project is acceptable.The prospectus defense is a special meeting of the doctoral student and doctoral committee members.


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