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Similarly, if you rely on focusing alone, you may have too few possibilities from which to choose. The students selected an animal, conducted research on the animal, and then generated lists of questions they had about the animal and its habitat.Effective problem solvers must think both creatively and critically, generating options and focusing their thinking. They used Hits and Hot Spots to identify the most important questions and to identify four major clusters to guide their subsequent research and planning.Next, provide opportunities to apply the tools in lessons or activities related to specific content areas. The presentation was highly successful, and more than 25 other students in the school became involved in volunteer work in the community. However, there were rules about having pets in the apartment building.

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Students who are competent in not only the basics of content areas but also the basics of productive and creative thinking will be lifelong learners, knowledge creators, and problem solvers who can live and work effectively in a world of constant change. Later, after completing their reading, they discussed how they used the tool and considered the extent to which it helped them make a good choice.

Then, he generated ways to improve or modify each of those parts.

Teachers can incorporate instruction in creative and critical thinking into the curriculum in a number of ways, either singly or in combination. The students prepared a proposal about their choices and were rewarded by winning approval for trips to both the invention center and the symphony concert!

I recommend that teachers follow several guidelines. Return to Figure 1Sequencing: SML A group of middle school students decided to plan and conduct a campaign in their school to make students aware of the importance of community service by young people.

As you work with the tools, be explicit about metacognitive skills. It is also important to engage students in finding and solving real-life problems or challenges within the classroom, the school, or the community. They looked at the results and noticed that there was little difference among the ratings of the dogs. After talking to Grandma, the family decided to get her a Lab, a quiet and friendly dog.

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Two widely known enrichment programs can provide engaging opportunities for students to apply creative problem solving. In another setting, a group of students used the Evaluation Matrix as a tool to help them select books to check out from the library.As illustrated in Figure 1, there are also several other tools for generating options (Treffinger, Nassab, et al., 2006). Five options were generally appealing to many of the class members: the zoo, a concert by the local symphony orchestra, the nearby Inventor's Hall of Fame and Invention Center, a local newspaper office, and a theme park.Focusing tools help individuals or groups analyze, organize, refine, develop, prioritize, evaluate, or select options from the set of possibilities they have at hand. The class discussed several important criteria to consider in evaluating the options, including cost, time required, personal appeal and interest, relating the trip to other class activities and studies, learning value, and possibility of students visiting the site at another time with friends, family, or other groups.Both generating and focusing involve learning and applying certain guidelines (attitudes and habits of mind that support effective thinking) and tools. Another class used the Hits and Hot Spots tool to plan a school party.Let's first look at the guidelines for generating and focusing, and then consider a number of specific tools. First, they used generating tools to come up with a list of more than 80 possibilities.These tools apply to two essential categories: creative thinking and critical thinking. We stereotype the creative thinker as wild and zany, thriving on off-the-wall, impractical ideas; in contrast, we envision the critical thinker as serious, deep, analytical, and impersonal. Combine or put to other uses might have led one clever group to a wristwatch that included a cell phone—and a TV remote!Consider instead a different view—that these two ways of thinking are complementary and equally important. The students concluded their project by hypothesizing new changes and developments that might be produced in the future.Once upon a time, educators might have said to their students, "If you'll pay close attention to what I'm going to teach you, you'll learn everything you need to know for a successful life." It's doubtful that this message was ever entirely true, but it's certainly not true today. Below is Steve's list of possible changes for his task: One group of students, working on a unit on inventions, chose to study the telephone.We don't know all the information that today's students will need or all the answers to the questions they will face. They used the SCAMPER tool to identify many, varied, and unusual ways the telephone might be modified and improved.By helping students learn and apply the attitudes and practical tools of effective problem solvers, teachers can enhance student learning in powerful ways that extend beyond memorization and recall. Some of the criteria they considered included the relevance of the theme or topic to personal interests, usefulness for preparing a report (related to a class assignment), length of book, size of print, number of illustrations, quality of illustrations, and difficulty of the book.Even when teachers are compelled to place great emphasis on basic learning and doing well on standardized tests—indeed, particularly at such times—it remains important to balance the emphasis between process and content in teaching and learning. Applying thinking tools to high school seniors' research papers. With these criteria and an Evaluation Matrix Worksheet, the students went to the library, browsed for a while, selected several possible books to check out, and then used the Evaluation Matrix to help focus their choices.


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