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I had stopped using writing prompts after that 4th grade English class.This changed once I began writing thousands of words per day. Other days, I already had a topic in hand, but I couldn’t find the words.

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The mood, or atmosphere, of your novel, is one of the things that makes your story stick in your readers’ minds long after they’ve turned the last page.

In this post, learn some strategies for creating the perfect atmosphere for your story.

To score high marks for your poetry assignment, you have to be extra creative and consider all the aspects of the poem evaluation.

A good teacher should encourage your creativity at the high-school level as well.

As a rule, you need to formulate your ideas as briefly as possible.

The same task is in the given creative activity – you are only given one sentence and required to use all your creativity to come up with a complete story.If you think that you are done with creative writing after graduating from high school, think twice.Even at the college level, some examiners tend to stimulate the creativity of students.For example, the professors at the College of Charleston managed to set up some exciting projects that made students forget the stress of exams at the end of the semester.The examples of creative assignments at college may include: This activity offers students to imagine that they are an active archaeologist.When I was in elementary school, I had a teacher who would have us freewrite to writing prompts he would write on the whiteboard.Every Monday morning, we would spend the first 10 minutes of class writing about dragons, time travel, or our weekends.There is no specific format of a questionnaire/survey and students have to use their own creativity.If you are taking a literature course at a college, you are likely to be asked to write a poem as an assignment.It's free and there are no rules other than to write for 30 minutes. Currently, Carlton helps businesses share their stories through social media and blogging.Carlton Clark loves to write about business, baseball, and popular culture. When he’s not writing or creating content, Carlton coaches youth baseball at his local high school and plays guitar.


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