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I have read many books, learned a great deal, and written a couple hundred craft essays.In January of this year, I decided to write a book based on what I have learned.

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This Lib Guide written and compiled by Stokley Klasovsky. The Creative Writing: Poetry guide is designed to provide information about writing poetry, from the broad overviews presented in introductory texts to the more advanced, nuanced texts that provide information on individual elements of poetry.

In addition, links to organizations, associations, journals and various databases and websites that relate to the discipline are provided.

The selected texts examine both the theory and history of metaphor, and provide practical, if not at times unusual, examples and guidelines for usage.

The role of tropes in literature is also discussed.

Textbooks: Indicates a number of texts often used in creative writing classrooms for poetry instruction.

Some of these texts include information on other genres, such as fiction and playwriting, and often show how fundamental elements from various genres relate.Please see the permission section of the page for details of the print & copy limits on our e Books. Advice comes in all varieties and because writing is a process, it comes at different stages to different workers of the craft.Reading poetry is an essential component in writing classrooms, therefore important academic poetry anthologies are included here as well.Lineation & Syntax: Suggests readings that discuss line formation and its role in writing poetry, and addresses grammar and syntax issues which are bound together with lineation.Introduction: Offers information on introductory texts for getting started writing poetry.Links to departments and programs on campus are available here, as are links to relevant organizations and websites that suppor poetry as an art form.And so from April until a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a how-to creative writing e Book. It is called “The Art and Craft of Creative Writing.” It is based on what I have learned. Diction: Examines the role of words in determining meaning and providing expression in poetry by presenting texts that review the role of word choice, provide options in selecting words, and consider how diction plays a role in language.Trope: Takes a look at texts that discuss how language can subtly, or not so subtly, mean doubly.


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