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Students complete a full composition in class every 1-2 weeks and detailed written feedback is given to each individual student.In our Creative Writing classes, we structure our lessons into skills, guided writing and independent writing lessons.

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Students will write a composition every week and we cover as many themes/topics/story ideas as we can throughout the year.

For more complex topics like ‘dilemma’ or ‘loyalty’, the compositions will be completed across two weeks.

Does your primary 3 child need help in reading and writing?

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When it comes to creative writing for primary 3, one does not have to stick to a particular template.

The only way to improve one’s writing, other than practice, is to read others’ writing and pick up on the good points.Describing old photos, images from magazines or even scenes of daily life will also do the trick.You could also ask your child to imagine alternative scenarios to what is presented in the prompts.You can utilise Pinterest boards to assemble different visuals and ask your child to describe what they see, should they ever encounter a writing block.Read Also: How Creative Writing Develops Your Child’s Emotions and Expressiveness However, you do not have to stick to what is found online.As the students progress up each level from Primary 1 to 6, more advanced skills, phrases and themes will be introduced to them.We strictly run small classes of ONLY 6 students and this promotes higher interaction between the teachers and the students.As students progress up each level, the stories get more intense and complex.Higher-level skills such as foreshadowing and building suspense are introduced.This also gives them a much-needed break from all the homework and study sessions that they usually go through during the day.There are many resources online that provide writing prompts for children of all ages, but you could move beyond that and adopt visuals instead.


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