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And although putting this into practice is almost as counter-culture as declaring you want to be an artist in America is in the first place, its power can be astonishingly liberating. Don’t write a novel Every time I sit down to write a novel, I get next to nothing done. If you try to control the outcome of your work too rigidly, it will become brittle and fall to pieces in your hands.This is really, really hard to accept, but if you can approach each day’s work with the simple goal in mind of growing your work—and by work, I don’t mean product, I mean practice—you will get further than you ever imagined.Outlining is a crucial step in the novel writing process, one that fuels creativity and prepares the writer to stay on track and avoid common pitfalls.

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It was this: the harder I worked it, the more it would back away from me.

Creative writing doesn’t want to be worked at, just as cakes don’t want you opening the oven door on them all the time, or animals don’t want you harassing them into submission, or children don’t want you to force feed them the rules for growth.

But after many years of banging my literal and metaphoric head against the wall, I realized that the more and more frustrated I became, the more and more I tried anew to tackle my writing, the less it gave me.

And an amazing truth began to bubble to the surface.

I would tell you all this with a clenched jaw, a fierce smile, and a knot in my belly.

Because although I’d spent most of my young life envisioning academic achievement as the pinnacle of success and fulfillment, these goals were forged from a lifetime of trying to measure up." The instructors review some common questions, worries and misconceptions about outlining.Do I need to have started a novel to take this course? However, you should have one or more novel ideas that you wish to work on during this course.I’d shoved my quirky, not particularly scientific self into a mold that suited my family of physicists, mathematicians, and software designers.But somehow along the way, in measuring myself against those I loved and admired, I forgot to check in to see if there was a form within me that was more essential and less shapely, to see if I had measures of my own to follow.In the tradition of the UBC MFA program, this course draws on the work habits of established authors to help writers move quickly toward creating a blueprint for a successful draft.Whether you’re seeking literary fame or working on a project to share with family and friends, this course offers the tools and skills necessary to plan a novel others will be excited to read.How to Write a Novel: Edit and Revise, builds comprehensive revision skills, as well as vital information about paths to publication.If you’d asked me 15 years ago how I saw my future, I would tell you about all the hard work I’d put into earning my doctorate, about the post doc that promised me a way into a fantastic research opportunity; about the tenure track position I hoped to secure one day. Have you started a novel only to run out of steam halfway through?Led by international best-selling authors and professors from The University of British Columbia’s world-renowned Creative Writing MFA program, this is part of a series of courses designed to take your novel from concept to completion.


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